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Quick Response Patrol

The QR-Patrol online and real time is a brand new revolutionary guard monitoring system. Among others, this system has the ability to let the final customer to be informed in real time, about guard actions on the points of his interest. Realy unique!

The evolution in Guard Tour Patrol Systems! A combination of a smartphone (could be a rugged phone), inexpensive printed waterproof qrcodes or NFC tags, and an real-time online service. 

You are always informed of the position and the situation and the action of the guards. At the same time the customer could be informed in real time if a guard passes a check point of his interest.

Put self-adhesive, very low cost labels on every check point.

The guard scans them using his smartphone (iPhone, Android or Blackberry OS10 onwards) during his tour. Immediately the control room sees this action and the position, through a secure web connection.

QR-Patrol guard tour system includes the following features:

User-friendly interface – minimal training required

Neither hardware infrastructure required nor software installation - minimum cost requirements

Complete visibility into scanned or missed checkpoints in real-time

Weather-proof, low-cost, and high resistance NFC tags and QR-codes tags

Data interoperability. Real-time access from any point worldwide

Instant activities reports and history logs

English, French, German, Italian, Greek, Portuguese multilingual interface

About Us

Securisoft is the UK Partner of KerverosLive QR Patrol, QR Patrol is design and developed by Terracom a greek company who have been developing security software for over 15 years.

Securisoft has experience in both online software and frontline security combining forces of Enquirysolve a software development company who provide CMS systems at a business and council level and joint fentures and feedback from Security Companies in the UK.


The QR Patrol app is available for FREE download via the APP Store or Android Market. Please contact us and we will set you up with 1 user for 14 days to trial the software and 4 QR Tag codes to get you started. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL


Cloud Support

Once a guard is on patrol you can see their movements from any web browser. Allowing managers or control to view checks in real-time.

Check Calls / Lone Worker

Schedules can bet set up for patol route, should a check point not be scanned within the allocated time a alert is sent to the control room or managers.

Lone worker schedules can be set-up again should a guard miss his check call an alert is sent to contol or the manager. This is backed up with a panic button that once pressed sends an instant alert to the web browser.

Hardware and Software Development

Terracom are constantly updating and improving the app and web software on feedback from users, this ensures all customers benifit from feedback given.

The check points are inexpensive allowing them to be used on short term or one night sites, events and areas that may be prone to vadalism.

Being able to use any iphone or android phone removes the cost of expensive specialist hardware



Price is total per price break NOT per guard, Monthly to access the QRPatrol mobile apps and online service.
All plus VAT at the current rate.

Tags and Extras

All plus VAT at the current rate.

Key Points

QR Patrol Tour Software> Real-time tag check reports to a manager, control room or client

> Lone woker scheduling with alerts if a check point is missed

> Incident reporting - with selectable incidents direct from the app

> Inexpensive hardware and tags using printable QR codes or NFC Tags

> There is the ability to send in the position of the guard frequently to the control room

> There is a TEST button to be informed about the condition of the guard and a SOS button for emergency situations.

>The the guard can send pictures, sound recordings and text messages to the control room in real time.

>The control room can send text notes and map position for navigation purposes to the guard.

> There is a whole online scheduling scheduling and live alerting web application.

 With QRPatrol system, the guard is using a powerful computer (iPhone or Android smartphone),

unlike other systems, which are based on dummy terminals.

Imagine, the possible uses of QRPatrol system are countless! 

The smartest guard tour and patrol system!