QR Patrol Quick User Guide

A quick guide to learn QR-Patrol through 15 simple steps.

Pictures of smart devices

Explore a new way of patrol monitoring


Checkpoint scan (NFC, QR Code)


MME - pictures, voice messages, personal signatures


Create scheduled routes


Pull reports and logs using filters


TEST - SOS alert


Two way communication text messages


Real time position monitoring


Inform clients by e-mail for any occured incident


    QR-Patrol is the smartest real time and on-line guardtour and patrol system.

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    SSL encrypted communication between mobile devices, the servers and web browsers.

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    Accurate positioning provided by GPS, Wi-Fi , GSM Network.

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A "guard online" monitoring system

A security company facility manager responsible for guard tours has to answer the following questions:

  • Which tours each guard has to accomplish?
  • How their locations will be always tracked?
  • Where are the checkpoints (NFC, QR-code) assigned for each location?
  • Will the guards tour the locations at their own will or will they follow a strict or a loose schedule assigned to them?
  • How often will they conduct their inspections and how will they communicate incidents to the Center?
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A cloud guard tour system solves all of the above problems via a simple web interface. Facility managers can now analyze data and export multiple reports in real-time. All data can be viewed filtered by date range and status. All scheduled, overdue, missed, passed and failed scans can be reviewed in real-time. There is a thorough proof of guard tours and location inspections. You can ensure that a guard will now be a “guard online” and will be held accountable for all scheduled tours and location inspections, eliminate ambiguity in work processes.